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Kids' Music Party Favors, Birthday Gifts, Music Toys & Party Supplies

Creative Gifts & favors for Baby's 1st Birthday, Toddler & Kids' Holiday Parties!

Click on photos for more information about Affordable, High Quality Kids' Music Favors, Music Birthday Gifts & Party Supplies or to order through Amazon.com.

Children's Shakers & Maracas...

Latin Percussion Pair Egg Shakers

These Latin Percussion Egg Shakers are sold by the pair.

These egg shakers make fun music party favors & are very popular in early childhood music classes at preschools & nursery schools. They are also great for older kids & are used in music therapy.
Hohner Kids Single Maracito (Maraca/Chiquita)

This Hohner Kids Single Maracito (Maraca/Chiquita) are sold individually. They are easy for young children to hold & are very popular in children's music classes & are also used in music therapy. They are 5" long x 1-3/4" wide (at the widest point). Colors vary.

These are great for music party favors or for making music together with your young child.

Rubber Ducky Party Favors...

1 Dozen Birthday Party Rubber Duckies

"Birthday party" rubber duckies make adorable kids birthday party favors!...

These affordable rubber duckies are sold by the dozen & come in assorted choices. Some of these rubber duckies look like they are holding a little birthday cake & others look like they are holding noise makers -- so cute!

These make really cool first birthday party favors!
Rubber Ducky Premium Assortment 25 Count

If you are looking for a large assortment of rubber duckies then this one is for your!

No two sets are exactly the same. Assorted styles & designs of 2" vinyl rubber duckies. Great for kids' birthday parties or even for Halloween since the duckies are all "dressed up" in costumes!

Search for more fun, "dressed-up" rubber ducky party favors!

Bubble Machines...

Gazillion Bubble Machine

Does your child love BUBBLES???

Make your child's next party a big hit with this fun & affordable Gazillion Bubble Machine. It generates over 500 bubbles per minute!

This bubble machine is made from plastic & measures 8" x 7". The Gazillion Bubble Machine requires requires 6 AA batteries (not included).
Alex Toys Monster Bubbles Bubble Machine

This Bubble Machine from Alex Toys makes HUGE Monster Bubbles!

Kids & the whole family will love making the biggest, snake like bubbles with the flick of the wrist. The Alex Toys Monster Bubbles bubble machine is great for parties & fesivals & comes with 4 oz of tear free bubble solution.

Search for more fun children's bubble machines.

Inflatable Guitars & Microphones...

12-Pack Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitar

These inflatable electric guitars come in assorted colors & make great music party favors for a kid's music themed party!
Band On The Run Inflatable Kit 24 Piece Kit

This 24 piece inflatable band kit includes all the blow up instruments you need to rock out! It includes four 42" rock guitars, four 42" V shaped guitars, four 24" saxophones, four 14" bongo drums on a strap, four 24" keyboards, and four 10" microphones.

These inflatable instruments makes really fun music party favors & are perfect for birthday parties, musical theme parties, karaoke night, etc. Colors and styles may vary.

Kazoo & Harmonica Party Favors...

50 Pack - Hohner Kazoos

These colorful kazoos are affordable, yet very well made (as all the Hohner products are). This makes a great music party favor!

These Hohner kazoos come in an assortment of colors including red, white, blue, yellow, green, & purple.
Hohner Kids Clearly Colorful Translucent Harmonica, Assorted Colors

This Hohner Kids Clearly Colorful Translucent Harmonica is playable (not just a toy) & comes in assorted colors.

Makes an adorable music party favor for a kid's music themed party for young children 3 years old & up.

Toy Castanets...

Plastic Finger-Size Castanet
(made by Hohner)

This Plastic Finger-Size Castanet (made by Hohner) is a fun & affordable music toy.

Call it a clicker or clacker a snapper or a castanet -- it makes a really fun kid's music party favor

This is also a terrific kids' music instrument for children's music classes for kids at nursery schools / preschools (& big kids love them too!)
Bambina Animal Castanet

This high quality children's castanet made by Bambina is designed to look like an adorable puppy (Bambina makes other animal castanets, but this one was the most affordable).

It makes a really cute birthday party favor or children's birthday gift for a kid's music themed party.

Jingle Bells...

Single Wrist Jingle Bells with Velcro
Made by Rhythm Band

These 4 bell wrist jingle bells made by Rhythm Band are a high quality set of jingle bells made for children.

These are especially popular for toddler & children's music classes & for preschools & nursery schools.

These durable jingle bells are sold individually & make a great music party favor for a kid's music themed party (children's holiday & birthday parties)!
12 Pack Wrist Jingle Bells with Velcro
Made by Rhythm Band

These set of 12 velcro wrist jingle bells are made by Rhythm Band.

These are very popular for toddler & young children (they are frequently used in music classes for preschools & nursery schools).

These durable velcro wrist jingle bells come in an assortment of colors and make great music party favors for a child's music themed party!

Kids' Rhythm Instruments...

Lummi Rhythm Sticks Set, 12 Pairs

These durable Lummi Rhythm Sticks (made by Rhythm Works) are sold 12 pairs to a set. They are very popular with toddlers & young children.

Set includes 24 sticks in total, 6 of each color: red, yellow, blue, and green. Children love to pick out their favorite color!

These rhythm sticks are frequently used in preschool & nursery school music classes & for music therapy. Makes a fun music party favor!
Rhythm Band Musical Steel Triangle, 6 inch

This affordable 6" steel triangle is made by Rhythm Band (they manufacture rhythm instruments that are frequently used in early childhood music classes for toddlers & young children).

You can have fun making music together with your child & these are also fun for music party favors!

Kids' Tambourines...

Bambina Penguin Tambourine

This kids' tambourine looks like a penguin & is perfect for kids 3 years old and up. It is made from sturdy, high quality plastic. This cheerful rhythm instrument makes the ideal kids' music themed birthday gift!
Rhythm Band 5" Little Star Tambourine - Red

Kids love these extremely durable Rhythm Band 5" Little Star Tambourines that come in bright, beautiful colors (this link is for RED color which was the cheapest on Amazon) - Great for kids music gifts, music party favors, playrooms, classrooms, homes, or even nursing homes (sold individually)


Hohner 8.5-Inch Mini Rainmaker Shaker

This 8.5" Rainmaker/Rainstick from Hohner makes a great child's music birthday gift! Young children are fascinated watching the tiny, colorful beads cascade or just love listening to the soft sound of gentle rain.
16" Hohner Plastic Rainmaker

Hohner also makes a 16" tall version of their unique Rainmaker/Rainstick which makes a great kids music birthday gift!

Babies & young children are mesmerized watching the tiny, colorful beads fall gently within the rainstick. Fun kids music gift for toddlers or "little ones" (make music together with your little one).

Children's Parachutes...

Pacific Play Tents Playchute 10' Parachute

This colorful parachute made by Pacific Play measures 10' in diameter & is just smaller than the classroom standard.

It can be used for birthday parties, play groups, picnics or in children's classes. Durable & machine washable it includes a storage sack.

View more choices children's parachutes.
6' Children's Parachute with Handles & Carry Bag

This inexpensive Pacific Play Tents 6' Parachute with Handles & Carry Bag is great fun for children's parties or everyday fun at home. Its size makes it ideal for use with a small group of kids.

Toddlers & even the littlest kids enjoy playing with this with their parents & friends (just like in music class!).

Children's Drums...

8" Lollipop Drum with Mallet

This 8" Lollipop Drum comes with a Mallet that is also made to look like a lollipop (so cute!). Kids just love dancing around while playing this colorful lollipop drum! Makes a really fun toddler or kids music gift for birthdays or holidays!

Remo makes these adorable Lollipop Drums in assorted sizes. To view other lollipop drum sizes click Lollipop Drums.
Remo Rhythm Club Konga Drum

This high quality 6" wide x 12" tall Remo Konga drum make an AWESOME kids birthday music gift. It is an impressive size for an affordable price!

These drums are very popular in early childhood infant / toddler music classes at preschools & nursery schools. And they are so much fun to make music together with your child!

Children's Pianos & Keyboards...

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

This cute, colorful & affordable children's piano made by "Melissa & Doug" would make a GREAT kids' music gift for a birthday party or special occasion! It has 25 hand tuned keys & includes a songbook.

To search for other children's pianos or kids' keyboards click children's pianos
Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand Piano (Black)

Children just love this elegantly designed, yet extremely durable & sturdy children's baby grand piano made by Schoenhut.

This children's piano features a full two-octave span. The keys make lovely, chime-like tones by small hammers striking metal rods. (Piano is 19-1/4" high x 19-7/8" wide x 20-1/2" & Matching Bench is 9-1/4" high x 11-7/8" wide x 5-3/4" deep.)

This child's piano makes an AWESOME kids music gift! Get one for Christmas, Hanukkah or your child or grandchild's next birthday!

Children's Guitars

Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar

Kids & adults alike love this children's toy guitar. Modes of play: pre-set tunes, rock n roll riffs. -Rockin' Tunes: ABC; Hall Of the Mountain King; B-I-N-G-O; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes; Yankee Doodle.

Makes a great kid's birthday gift or holiday gift!
Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar - For Toddlers

This affordable and sturdy 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar made by Hohner is made for young children & has nylon strings which are gentler on little fingers. It makes a great children's starter guitar (for lessons) or for just playing around & pretending to "rock out!"

This fun & highly rated guitar makes a fun children's birthday gift!

Children's Music CDs & Birthday Song MP3 Dowloads

Toddler Favorites CD

This affordable CD made by "Music for Little People" would be great to play at a toddler's party or a baby's first birthday party!

It includes timesless favorites such as If You're Happy & You Know It, I'm a Little Teapot & even Happy Birthday!

Search for more popular children's music.
Personalized Birthday Songs (Format MP3)

Make your child's or grandchild's birthday extra special with personalized birthday party songs!

This music makes a really thoughtful baby's first birthday party gift or toddler's birthday gift as the child delights in hearing their name over & over again in all of the songs (just for them)!
Kids Dance Party CD or MP3 by The Party Cats

Kids Dance Party is available on CD and as a MP3 download. It is perfect for a children's music-themed party!

It includes "kid-friendly" versions of popular party music such as "Get the Party Started," "YMCA," "Celebration," "Macarena," "Cotton Eye Joe" and more!
My 1st Birthday Party Music (CD or MP3)

Drew's Famous "My 1st Birthday Party Music" by The Hit Crew comes on CD or MP3 download. It has popular children's songs sang playfully by children.

These songs would make a child's first birthday party very special & can be enjoyed year round! Enjoy songs such as "BINGO," "The Wheels on the Bus," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and even a fun, upbeat version of "Happy Birthday!"

Kids Party Supplies - Decorations...

1 Dozen Musical Notes Silhouette Party Decorations

This package of one dozen musical note cutouts would really set the tone for your next "musical party!"

Each musical note silhouette cutout is approximately 12" high. It is made of cardstock & printed on both sides (so they can be used to decorate the wall or you could get creative & even suspended them from the ceiling)!
VIP Stage Door Entrance Door Cover Rock Star Party Supply

Make the entrance to your next "rock star" music party extra special with this VIP Stage Door Entrance sign! This door cover is 30" x 5' tall -- Kids & adults will love this musical party decoration!
Fresh Beat Band Musical Birthday Party Balloons Decorations

This Fresh Beat Band Music Birthday Party Balloon Decorating Kit features colorful musical balloons (4 Mylar & 12 Latex balloons). They make perfect decorations for a child's music themed birthday party!

NOTE: The baloons arrive uninflated. Helium is not included.
Music Note Happy Birthday Balloon Decoration Kit

This Music Note Happy Birthday Balloon Decoration Kit includes 1 large mylar music note Balloon 2 Happy Birthday mylar Balloons 8 Assorted color music note latex balloons (helium not included). This would look really cool as colorful baloon centerpiece at a child's music themed birthday party!

Kids Party Supplies - Cake & Candy Decorations...

Guitar Cake Pan Party Supplies

Are you planning to make a cake for your baby or toddler's birthday party? This high quality Guitar Cake Pan made by Wilton & makes an adorable guitar cake!
Electric Guitar Chocolate Candy Mold

Feeling crafty??? You can make awesome candy guitars with this electric guitar chocolate candy mold.

Make yummy party favors with this electric guitar chocolate mold (for kids ages 3 & up).

Kids Party Supplies - Guitar Pinatas!

Rock Guitar Pinata, Pull String 33" x 18.5"

Kids will love this cool & colorful rock guitar pinata! Dimensions: 33" x 18.5". It expands to 4" for easy filling, holds up to 2 pounds of candy and it features pull strings at the bottom.

(Pinata only - filler not included).
Acoustic Guitar Pinata

This pinata looks like a colorful Acoustic Guitar! Kids would love to take a "wack" at this adorable pinata! Dimensions: 28" x 11"

PLEASE NOTE: Pinata buster, pinata blindfold & pinata filler bags sold separately.

A lot of moms & dads who hire me to perform my children's music show at their child's birthday or holiday parties ask me where they can find unique & affordable music birthday party favors or special music birthday gifts for their children & their children's friends' birthday parties or holiday parties. So I decided to put together a list of Children's Music Toys & Children's Musical Instruments that make GREAT children's birthday gifts or party favors!

We even list Personalized Birthday Songs - MP3 downloads & CDs for children's music themed birthday parties & for baby's first birthday parties.

Many of the children's musical instruments listed on this page are children's musical instruments & toys that I have used in my children's birthday party music show (baby's first through fifth birthdays) & the kids just love them! I had also used these kids musical instruments & toys in my infant / toddler early childhood music classes (Make music together with your child & supervise their play to keep them safe & to nurture their musical abilities).

These children's musical instruments & toys are popular for preschool & nursery school music classes (& for elementary school aged children). These music instruments & toys are even used for music therapy at nursing homes & rehabilitation centers. The quality of these children's musical instruments is excellent & the prices are very affordable.

I used to buy children's music instruments & toys at Wholesale prices & I can tell you from personal experience that Amazon has excellent prices (many of the top music stores now sell through Amazon & that can save you time & money!)

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