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Kids 1st-5th Birthday Party Entertainment & More!

Music To My Ears Kids Entertainment
(908) 874-5300

Miss Kathy's Kids Music Parties in NJ

Kids' Music Party Entertainment (Princeton, Central & Northern NJ)!

Fun sing-alongs, dancing, guitar strumming, bubble popping, drum tapping, scarf shaking & more to favorite kids' songs & party music...

Your child will LOVE "Miss Kathy's" music show!

Age Appropriate Kids' Entertainment! "Miss Kathy" is a former infant/toddler music teacher and is a talented professional singer & guitarist. She & her husband are uniquely qualified because of their endless patience & enthusiasm for all the children they work with.

Experience Counts! "Miss Kathy" & her husband from have over a decade of experience entertaining at 1st-5th birthday parties & more in Central & Northern NJ since 2003!

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Rubber duckies
  • Babies, Toddlers & Big Kids LOVE our Kids' Party Entertainment!
  • One Hour kids music show PLUS BONUS TIME!
  • ALWAYS a TWO person team at each child's party!
  • High-end BOSE® professional sound system!
  • LIVE MUSIC with Guitar & Singing.
  • Play with Rubber Duckies & BUBBLES!
  • Favorite Sing-alongs & Kid Friendly "Grown Up" Party music!
  • Play with drums, shakers, castanets, scarves & more!
  • Fun for the WHOLE FAMILY!
  • The children play a REAL Caribbean Steel Drum!
  • GREAT for Small & Large groups of children!
  • Strum "Miss Kathy's" guitar & sing into a REAL microphone!
Babies & one year olds love drums!

"We travel throughout the country, and your music show was truly one of the most entertaining and developmentally appropriate ones we have ever had the pleasure of participating in [in over 17 years]..."

- Susan D, Director, PGA TOUR Family Centers (The Barclays PGA Tour in Edison, New Jersey)

5 Star Ratings

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We bring the FUN to your PARTY! "Miss Kathy" & her husband perform their fun-filled kids' music show indoors or outdoors! Enjoy children's party entertainment at a hall or restaurant or in the comfort of your living room, family room or backyard...

The birthday child will feel special with birthday songs & activities just for them!

Make your child's next party memorable with our unique kids' music show!

You ALWAYS get a two person team -- "Miss Kathy" & her husband, "Mr. Jerry" pull out all the stops with their interactive kids' music show. It's not typical Kids' Entertainment -- it is FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY!

Only the BEST will do! -- Truly professional Bose® tower sound system & "Bubble machine."

The kids get to strum "Miss Kathy's" AWESOME graphite guitar and sing into a REAL microphone! The babies, toddlers & big kids play a unique Caribbean Steel Drum.

The children play a Steel Drum together!

Popular 1st Birthday Party Entertainment! Experienced engaging babies, one year olds, toddlers & big kids all at once with age appropriate musical activities!

Special Needs Entertainment Experienced entertaining children, tweens, teens & adults who have Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Speech & Language Delays. We love working with them & their families!

The kids have a blast dancing with scarves!

Girls & Boys LOVE our kids' music show! -- Babies, toddlers & "big kids" Dance, Sing, & Play with drums, shakers, scarves & lots of other instruments made especially for children). We can even feature a parachute or do the LIMBO if there is enough room!

The children toss scarves high in the air as they wish your child a "Happy Birthday!" They dance with delight while taking a "bubble bath" with rubber duckies!

The children just love playing "Miss Kathy's" guitar & a Caribbean Steel Drum!

It is just too cute when each child gets to hold a real microphone while they wish the birthday child a "Happy Birthday" or sing for the whole crowd to hear!

"Miss Kathy's" Children's Music Show is perfect for...

Guitar and Maracas
  • First thru Fifth Birthdays
  • Toddler Parties
  • Highly Recommended by Parents & teachers!
  • Nusery School Enrichment Entertainment
  • Kindergarten Events
  • Summer Camp
  • UNIQUE Baby's First Birthday Party Idea!
  • Holiday Parties
  • Special Needs Kids' Entertainment
  • Christening Parties
  • Baby Namings
  • Great for large & small groups!
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • & any event where you need Kids' Party Entertainment!

"Miss Kathy" & her husband from Music To My Ears are based in the Hillsborough/Princeton NJ area. They travel together to party locations throughout North & Central NJ on weekends & are also available for weekday parties & events (such as summer camp or birthday parties at your child's preschool).

"Miss Kathy" is known for high quality children's musical party entertainmant for "at home" parties & other party locations including daycare centers, nursery schools, community centers, halls & restaurants.

Click to see the Central & Northern NJ towns & cities where "Miss Kathy" performs.

The children play a large variety of fun musical instruments!

Call Miss Kathy for your child's next party

Call 908-874-5300 to speak directly with "Miss Kathy" about booking her for your child's next birthday party or special event.

She will be glad to discuss with you how she can make your child's next party extra special!

Click for more info about our children's entertainment rates & FAQs.

Looking for kids' music party favors or musical birthday gift ideas for your child's next party?

Click for kids' party favors & birthday gifts for children's music themed parties.

Music To My Ears is very popular for baby's first birthday thru fifth birthday parties as it can be difficult to find entertainment that is safe & fun for one year olds, toddlers & elementary school aged children. "Miss Kathy" is quite successful at entertaining babies & children all at once with fun musical activities. Our kids music show is highly rated by parents, teacher's & nursery school directors! It is fun family entertainment & is the best children's party entertainment in and around Central & Northern NJ!

Highly recommended for baby's first birthday parties, second birthdays, third birthday entertainment, fourth birthdays, fifth birthday parties, holidays, Christening/Baptism Parties, 1 year old party entertainment, 2 year old children entertainment, 3 year old kids' entertainment, 4 year old entertainment, 5 year old parties, toddler party entertainment, kids' special needs parties (for toddlers, tweens & teens with Down Syndrome, Autism & Cerebral Palsy). It is perfect for any baby, toddler or young child's birthday or holiday party in New Jersey!

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